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Learn to Face Paint

There are times when I am out and about face painting that individuals ask what paint I use.... and from that I determine what they really want to know is how can they learn to paint faces.

While there are many ways most tend to think first about social media sites like You Tube or Tik Tok. These are the last places I think about when it comes to learning.

There really is nothing better than a hands on workshop class. Learning with a professional will safe you countless hours, and while yes this option is not free what you will learn and how fast you will gain the skill you need is money in your pocket.

Take a private class or better yet attend and face and body art or family entertainer convention. Here you will get access to well know talents, a variety of type of workshops from and a host of vendors showing tolls and supplies... and how to use them properly. As with any new skill there is a learning curve and your time is valuable.

I teach at a variety of types of conventions geared at face painters, entertainers, haunters and cosplayers.

They next place I will be at is in early November 2023 Family And Variety Entertainers in Las Vegas. This 37 year old event is the premier spot for clowns, magicians, comedians, balloon twisting artists, puppeteers, face painters and a host of family fun performers.

Come to and see what products I carry and sell in my store for face and body painting artists and entertainers, and see my unique line of glitter creams and stencils

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