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Birthday Party Theme Ideas

I started face painting in May of 2000. It was in early 2001 that I dove in by finalizing my marketing and gaining a web site and importantly becoming a licensed business. So I always count April 1 2001, albeit just a bit arbitrary as High Jinks official birthdate. So today High Jinks is 23. Wow!

In honor of our birthday we are committing our blog to offering you our guests and customers content related to birthdays and events most importantly parties. A long overdue venture.

Let’s start with Party theme ideas . So why choose a party theme? I mean a birthday alone is fun but a theme brings so much more. When you book a party with us I will always say…Let me know if you have a theme. That way we will be sure to plan design around the theme and encourage guest to go with the theme.

A theme helps you plan invitations, decorations, food, favors, games, apparels and put people into a festive mode. It’s fun to encourage your guest to come dress or with a bit of theme flair to your party. Or handing out a bit of flair upon guest arrival can help everyone have more fun. So go ahead hand out themed party hats and let’s have some fun.

Here are some themes to get you going toward a great party. Go all out and make it fun.

Sharks and Mermaids




Cats and Dogs


Hero’s vs Villians


Movie Night



Spots and Stripes

Smiley Face

Dance Party

Silly Hats







Monster Trucks

Bouncing Balls

Black and White

Around the World


And oh so many movie and character themes…. And check out the many free images to use on invitations or favors, like this one from FreePik. And if your buying a character theme from the local party store be sure to fit in a touch of the homemade, it just makes it more special.

Each month I will post a theme and share some great ideas and some links to other great sites to plan a day of fun and have a great party. And of course always add in our super fun face painting or temporary tattoos. We are happy to curate designs and custom cut tattoo designs for you special event.

And as our Fortune Tellers are gaining popularity each month I will post some fun zodiac and birth month facts for our more mature party throwers and goers.

For example did you know April begins with the sensitive Moon entering hard-working Capricorn, highlighting the value of focused caution…..

For today is it simply happy birthday, with love to you and your this lovely April day,

Sweet Loretta


High Jink


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