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Is Face Painting Safe?

I think we are in a place where we are past asking is face painting safe. Yes, as it goes most face painters and those who face paint as volunteers at school, church or charity events are using safe face paint. What matters might be quality.

Face paints sold in the USA need to have ingredients approved by the FDA. As professional we know what products have that and in turn which of those products may be right for which type of event. By that I mean I may choose a different face paint to paint at the preschool and I might use at a multi-day festival of mainly adults.

When in doubt ask the painter. We at High Jinks understand that moms, teachers, volunteer groups and festival goers may choose to face paint their own children, at schools events or when headed out for a day of play. That is one reason we sell DYI kits.

We know too that we can not be replaced for a busy day at your event. It really does take professional savoy, from training, to a proper kit and the ability to entertain while producing 100 good faces in 3 hours. For that hire us.

For mom at home to paint the three kiddos for the festival-goer use a good quality face paint suited for your needs.

We like the Wolfe Face Art & FX Palettes because the colors are bright, durable and they come with a little brush. Sorta what we like to call fun size.

Find them here at our on line store Extreme Makeup FX and have some fun.

Looking to learn to face paint? I hold classes for both professionals and moms, teachers and even scout troops. Sweet Loretta

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