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What To Do for Winter Blues

Winter storms do slow us sown but we still have events to entertain plenty of guests. So, I can't say our team really have to winter blues, because when it is windy and raining like it has been these last few weeks and we slow down with events we speed up in preparing for the warm season.

Here is a bit of what's keeping just busy.......... Practice Practice Practice.

We have two of out Glitter Artists in training to lean to paint faces. And I am trying to just get out of many of the new design I have been wanting to try. It seems I have 50 designs in my head but when you ask... the same 8 come to mind! I am trying to improve my crowns, roses and just get more pop in my color when painting faces.

Practice means too I am continuing to learn about Oracle Card reading and preparing for some upcoming Fortune Telling events.

I am redoing our face paint kids to add new, clean fresh paint for the spring and summer season.

Last year I updated out Airbrush Tattoos designs and I am buy double checking them to make sure each curated book has a nice colorful display poster.

I am busy making glitter creams and making new bigger pallets for each kit.

If you want to check them out for purchase I am still uploading but all should be on our store site by the end of the month, February 2024.

And I do try to paint my models for stocking images for a magazine I write for.... I am just too busy to paint theme in the summer months.

I am working too on m y class content for an up coming convention in St Louis.

So when the Winter blues hit..... we get busy.


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