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Why You Should Hire Your Entertainer Directly

Many times an entertainer is on the job hired through another entertainment company acting as a booking service. The entertainer may provide only one service but on their website they represent as if they employ a variety of entertainers like face painters, when in fact they do not. What they do is get you to book, then they shop around to all the face painters in the region looking for who has an opening. Sure it saved you the time to shop around but it does not ensure you of what you will get when that entertainer shows up. Meaning the face painter at your event or party booked through a booking service may or may not have the skills to be able to do the work you see on the website through which you booked. Your painter may arrive less than professionally dressed, or may not be a very good face painter, or may not be good with children, they might be uninsured or not licensed. Sure that might be great but you will not know until they are at your party or event.

All my team works for High Jinks only. They do not work independently. Sure we do on occasion work though another entertainer who needs additional help. It is rare but the entertainers we work with work closely with us and we each know the standards expected for our customers. We do on a rare occasion book through a booking service but our recent experiences and been bad. As a company owner I want my artists to have the same experience I want for you and your guests, a great one.

When you book direct with the entertainer you are able to see their work, you ask questions and know what they require from you. This might be are they insured, licensed, vaccinated, will they paint your adult guests, stay longer if need, do you need to provide anything like a table or shade, and how payment is done.

Events go easy when communication is clear. Our goal is to make your event or party easy for you. We are they to help with the lifting and to ensure your event is a good one, one your guest will remember because it was fun.

When we do refer out to other artist or sub-contract know we do so with our high standards in mind. We work with seasoned professionals.

Recently I hired an experienced artist for an event. The artist had taken some time off after the event I knew her work had been better, so we planned some practice time to get her back up to speed. Quality matters to High Jinks.

I am in the process of adding a page to out website so you can meet our team and see their work.

I have done full event planning, of full mall Santa Arrivals to Sweet Sixteens. If that is your need please contact with me I am happy to consult with you and help you get your event needs met with direct services or referrals.

Just email, text or call me, Sweet Loretta. I will ask questions and be clear about what we provide and do. My crew is clean-cut. upbeat and fun. We are professional who take pride in our skills, talents and entertaining ways.

And we continue to use both and


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